Tips To Regrow Your Hair Faster

male hair loss patternHave you ever thought what could be the reason behind hair loss. Every second men or women suffer from hair loss problems. There can be many reasons for hair loss like pollution, stress, unbalanced diet etc.

Excessive hair loss makes people worried and they try finding good preventive measure. But sadly, guys you are not working in the right direction because hair loss can occur due to many reasons and it is important to find the right reason behind your hair loss.

Finding the right cause and then taking treatment is always beneficial. To your convenience here we are listing the major hair loss causes and tips to re-grow your hair faster. Here are the main causes and cures for common hair-related issues, as suggesed by the experts.

Cause : Poor Diet

If you are on diet or eat junk food a lot then you are inviting hair fall by yourself. Lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals can cause hair fall. Not only your body but also your hair needs proper nutrients for their growth.

Cure : Eating healthy , protein and vitamin E rich food prevents hair fall. Eating fish, chicken, whole grains and vegetables helps curing hair loss.

Cause : Stress

Everyone knows stress effects ones mental health but very less know that stress is also a cause of hair loss. Any trauma or work stress can make hairs to fall.

Cure : Meditation, yoga and exercise can combat stress which can cure the hair fall.

Cause: Hair Styling

Hair styling is very common these days in both men and women. Straightening and curling of hairs, use of gel and hair sprays to set hairs, coloring of hairs. All this makes hairs to come in contact of heavy detergents and chemicals which makes hair dull and dry. This causes the hairs to fall.


Hair styling should not be done more often. Avoid Straightening if it is not too necessary else use a heat protection spray to avoid burning of hairs.

Cause : Scalp Infection

Many time people get some scalp infection which can cause hair fall. Ringworms, folliculitis or presence of lice are the common reasons which can lead to hair fall.


Scalp infections can be cured by visiting a trichologist and following the prescriptions.

Cause : Pregnancy

Pregnancy is common reason for hair fall. Raised levels of estrogen and progesterone causes the hairs to fall.


As it is natural hair fall it gets cured automatically in most cases after pregnancy. If not visiting a trichologist is a good option.

Cause: climatic conditions

Climatic conditions like high temperature, humidity rtc can cause hairs to falls.


Oiling and washing hairs twice a week, brushing hairs twice, covering them with scarf when going out are the best remedies to prevent hair fall.

Cause : Heredity

Many times people suffer from hair loss because of heredity. Genetic hair loss is something which lacks growing of new hairs.


Hair transplant is the only cure for genetic hair loss

So next time if you suffer from hair loss find the cause of your hair loss first and then try these preventive measures to combat hair loss.