Understanding Raspberry Ketones

raspsberry fruitsProducts that promote weight loss without a struggle will never be outdated as these are what everyone is looking for; gain with no pain. When you search the internet you will come across raspberry ketones being fronted as the ideal supplement to help you get rid of that excess fat.

Raspberry ketones are sweet-smelling components contained in red fruits for example raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries. They are regular elements known to add flavor in refined foods.

So what is the link between the scent of raspberries and weight loss? Tests carried out on animals in the lab have shown that the raspberry ketone is able to prevent a gain in weight. This happens when the chemical is ingested in extra large amounts.

Many people hold on to these results and remain convinced that the raspberry ketone supplements are the answer to their recurring weight problems. What they do not understand is results from tests conducted on animals many times fail to be reciprocated in humans.

At the moment there is little or no proof that raspberry ketone when taken by people is able to enhance your weight loss. Equally important to note, is the fact that there is no known information regarding its safety.

In one of his shows, Dr. Oz began advocating raspberry ketones as the miracle drug in a bottle that can help in weight loss. The moment he did this, people became interested and its popularity grew. Many people sought to buy and try out the raspberry supplement but had mixed reactions after.

Does Raspberry Ketone have other benefits?

There has been some little research carried out that shows applying a solution of raspberry ketone to the scalp can make the hair grow. It is most common with people who have hair loss problems.

Research has also shown that a mixture of raspberry ketones and Vitamin C is able to reduce weight and the area around your waist. There are no proven facts as to how effective raspberry ketone is when used alone.

Is it dangerous?

Raspberry ketone when taken orally is relatively safe. However, concerns have emerged as it chemically relates to a synephrine, which is a stimulant. There is a possibility that raspberry ketones may cause you to feel shaky or have pounding heart beat.

Raspberry ketones are also known to cause a decrease in the level of blood sugar. It is therefore not advisable for those on medication for diabetes.

How much should I use?

The amount that you can use depends on your age and general health. In any case there isn’t enough proof scientifically to determine the dose.

When you choose to use it however, read and follow the instructions on the product carefully. If you are in doubt get in touch with your doctor or nutritionist for more clarification.

Much as you may wish to try out the raspberry ketone supplements, don’t just do it blindly; research widely on the same so that it the end your attempts do not bring harm to your overall health.