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How did  the invention of Metomics happen and the rise of Metomics?

The technology tends to emerge quickly and so has emerged Metomics. 10 years ago a new sheet metal technology had emerged that allowed intricate models to be created and built and a specialist sheet manufacturer named as Wist Plastic and Metal Technology, Now WiSt Group launched metal etched toy which was the first to be launched and came along with easy instructions to follow and the models could be constructed in minutes. WiSt continued to invest in this technology and gained popularity. At the same time, the idea of creating a high quality block with configurable construction was released which gave rise to The  Metomics.

How does it emerge in terms of rise and upgrades?

The concept of metomics was to create a simple means of construction of 3 Dimensional form that provided a modular unit through which the model-makers, designers, various artists, sculptors, engineers and other creators could create anything.

With developed and presented Metomics as a technology of modular units and the world’s first metal construction block. It contains construction toys or blocks that the users can use to build anything they want.

Metomics is a place where people inspire each other and development happens constantly along with sharing of ideas.  It can be called as a creative hub where users can design,  build and display. Metomics contains both physical blocks and digital studios and tools. M:STDIO is a virtual 3D modelling studio where the users can build their ideas using metomics and share it with the world for ideas and inspiration, users can also check out other innovations of other users.