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 GMDSS portable radio

How The Introduction Of GMDSS Portable Radio Has Changed The Dynamics Of Shipping?

Have you ever imagined how people communicate on huge carriage ships taking enormous cargo when there is little to no scope of network connectivity? The answer to this is with the help of portable satellite phones and radio systems which connect the captain with the many employees and leaders who work in these ships. Previously, there was not much development in cargo ships’ communication systems, which would cause enormous levels of miscommunication and the problems that followed. GMDSS Portable Radio has been a boon for marine workers during distress.

Some features of this communication system

GMDSS stands for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and is a wireless hand radio designed especially for usage by marine transporters. Certain features of this communication stand out and are specifically made only for maritime usages.

  • The range of these portable satellite radios depends on the size of the ship that determines the distance it can cover and additional gadgets that act as a catalyst depending on the size of the ship.
  • It also ensures power supply requirements.
  • It is also used in US coastal voyages.
  • The main purpose of the GMDSS Portable Radio system is to eliminate unanswered distress calls and delay in search and rescue operations when actual distress calls happen.
  • It ensures a free flow of communication for smooth navigation. The features of this communication system are easy to use and access, making it a handy object while traveling on the seas.


The communication system on a ship, be it for traveling or transporting parcels, has to be efficient when it has to pass through those huge waves and no source of internet connectivity.