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How to Create Your Own Virtual Private Network?

With so many people always on the move, the temptation to use an Open Wi-Fi system such as those found in coffee shops and fast food restaurants raises daily. The issue with open networks is that even though the online connection is free of charge, your information becomes vulnerable to hackers or individuals with the knowledge to steal your data right from the air.reddit vpn

Simple things like checking your email, logging on your banks website, or some other secure search in an open wireless network, sends your username and password within the air just long enough for somebody who knows what they are doing, to steal your data and your identity. That is where VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks have grown in popularity through the years. They supply the user with a safe means of surfing the internet.

Until today, you had two options when it came to secure web searches, VPN’s or Dedicated Security Appliance. VPN’s are easy to install and use. If you know how to download a program and put in a username and password, then you are pretty much set. The drawback to using VPN’s is the monthly service charge if you are using the paid version. The free models while cost effective include advertising for their support, which may get disruptive. VPN’s also do not help you to return to your own ISP, which is another drawback. Dedicated Security Appliance’s demands and intermediate understanding of computers so as to set up this method.

Another option is to build your own reddit vpn with DD-WRT to attain secure web browsing. There are approximately four steps to this procedure with a significant warning. Do not use your main router for this job, since you might need to use the world wide web to troubleshoot problems.

 Getting DDT-WRT

  1. Write down the installation Procedure

This is vitally important and you will need four things:

  • The username and password of the router you will be using.
  • The outside IP address of the router for example.
  • The internal IP address of the router 192.168.300.1 for example.
  • Finally, you will need the internal DHCP array of the router

Despite the fact that it is possible to look up online how to flash a router with DD-WRT, your router still needs to have a compatible version of DD-WRT using the VPN tab beneath services. If the VPN tab is not there, upgrade the instillation. Then you will require a good power supply. If your router is fighting power wise under its normal loading, this will put it beyond the breaking point, so ensure you have a massive enough power source.