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Why Milk Chocolate is Perfectly Acceptable on a Limo

One of the many kinds of luxuries that limo providers tend to offer you at any given point in time has to do with wine and what it can end up being paired with in some way, shape or form. A big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that this is a really fancy way to spend your time, and since luxury limos are basically meant to allow you to feel fancy it just makes a lot of sense that this is one of the many activities that limo providers would end up having in store for you since it would most definitely justify the price that you are paying for the service as well as the vehicle that you are riding around in.

The thing is, some people might make fun of you if you try to eat milk chocolate during these kinds of situations. These people might think that only dark chocolate can work out, especially considering a Detroit town car limo would most likely be really fancy and milk chocolate is a decidedly pedestrian confection that is often accused of not being very complex or subtle at all.

This is actually absolute nonsense. Milk chocolate has a lot of lovely layers and textures to it, and the fact that it is so creamy is another thing that works in its favor since it would allow the wine to lift the creaminess off of your tongue thereby cleansing your palate and the flavors of the wine and chocolate would end up mixing as well which is another thing that makes this kind of combination a lot nicer than people think.